Recent Victories

Denial of Coverage Reversed

Disputed a denial of coverage and obtained full policy coverage for a commercial insured who's insurance company's engineer originally determined that, among other things, the building, a) was "vacant" as per the policy language, b) failed to maintain heat, and c) had poorly pitched sprinkler piping system.

Six Figure Settlement in Complex Coverage Dispute

Negotiated a six-figure settlement on behalf of a large multi-state holding corporation in a highly complex and contested coverage dispute over what property fell under the policies exclusion of coverage for "underground pipes, flues and drains" after a fire occurred on its premises.


Peterson Zamat was recently retained by an LLC to remove a member due to his improper actions relating to employees and the business itself. After filing a petition with the court, the member agreed to disassociate voluntarily, allowing the business to succeed more efficiently.


Peterson Zamat recently obtained a $165,000.00 workers compensation settlement on behalf of our client who was injured while bartending.


Peterson Zamat effectively negotiated a settlement on behalf of a controller who was terminated from a publicly traded company. The settlement significantly increased the value of her severance package.


Peterson Zamat was able to settle a novel case on behalf of a staffing agency who lost out on a commission after one of its candidates was placed by another agency.


Peterson Zamat settled a wrongful termination case against a conglomerate insurance/securities company by filing a dual track litigation in the Southern District of New York and FINRA arbitration forum.

Summer Camp Fire Damage Settlement

The attorneys at Peterson Zamat, LLC were retained by a summer camp that sustained damages to much of its property due to a fire. The insurer filed a motion for summary judgment in New York Supreme Court just prior to Peterson Zamat’s retention. Our attorneys filed a juggernaut opposition to the motion for summary judgment, which led to a substantial settlement weeks later.

Lawsuit Against Major Social Media Network Settled

Attorney Zamat recently settled a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut against a major social media network and London-based newspaper and the Daily Mail. The lawsuit stemmed from an article published by the Daily Mail, taken from their feed, which placed Mr. Zamat’s client in a false light and also contained defamatory and libelous statements about the client.

Car Wash Coverage Reinstated

Disputed a denial of coverage for a commercial car wash resulting in full policy coverage after the insurance company's engineer originally determined that, among other things, the building failed to maintain heat.


Peterson Zamat represented an insured of New York Life stemming from the denial of disability benefits after he suffered a stroke. New York Life filed a motion to dismiss based on the expiration of the statute of limitations because the lawsuit was originally filed in New York by our client’s previous attorney. Because our attorneys re-filed the lawsuit in Connecticut and relying on creative arguments, the motion to dismiss was denied which led to a substantial settlement on behalf of our client.
See the CT Law Tribune article and Ruling on Motion to Dismiss.


Peterson Zamat recently settled a complex FINRA arbitration involving a bank who enticed an investment advisor to join its firm under false pretenses, resulting in a six-figure recovery for our client, along with the forgiveness of the balance of a promissory note owed.