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Custody/Parenting Plans/Modification

Custody/Parenting Plans/Modification

If either spouse, or both, has accumulated significant assets during the course of a marriage, all assets and liabilities are considered in determining an equitable division of the marital estate. This is complicated when either spouse has a high net worth. Among high net worth individuals, it is not uncommon for either spouse to own a business entity, corporation or professional practice. Valuing a business requires the use of financial experts such as accountants and appraisers in order to accurately determine the value for equitable division.

Tax consequences of any division must be considered and we work closely with well-respected tax experts who will assist in the process. In addition, investment properties, commercial real estate, residential homes, defined contribution retirement accounts including 401(k) accounts, defined benefit pension plans, stocks, stock options, deferred compensation plans, bonds, savings accounts, bank accounts trusts and even off-shore accounts are among the many highly-valued assets that must be reviewed by the parties. Personal property such as cars, artwork, jewelry, furniture and other highly-valued tangible items are also considered.

Peterson Zamat is committed to providing you the best asset protection possible along with a fair and equitable property settlement. Our attorneys have more than twenty years of experience, and possess the extensive knowledge and skills required for the most complex divorce cases. We will work together to create a comprehensive plan devised for your specific financial needs. If your case requires the need for forensic accountants and other investigatory experts, we have longstanding relationships with all the necessary experts to represent you in your high-asset divorce case.

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